Angie Ruiz was born and raised in Northern California. She obtained a Bachelor degree from Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo and received classical theatre training at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London.  She moved to Los Angeles after landing the female lead in a feature film that premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.  Since then, she has appeared in films for Lionsgate, FoxSearchlight, Miramax, and Maverick Entertainment and was named “Cara Nueva” (New Face) by People Magazine (En Espanol). On stage she appeared in William Shakespeare’s Richard ll (Duchess of York) in London.  She has worked alongside such notable actors as Daniel Craig and Josh Hartnett, was featured at the ALMA Awards hosted by Eva Longoria, and was a presenter for the Imagen Awards hosted by George Lopez.  She formed her production company, Wandering Films, with the goal of creating stories inspired by her extensive travel and international volunteer experiences.  Her first film, La Milonga, was honored at the Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art and showcased in LACMA’s Muse Young Directors Series. La Milonga was also an official selection of several international film festivals.


Angie recently completed her first short documentary series entitled Under One Sun. Under One Sun profiles the Big Cats (lions, leopards, cheetahs and tigers) and their diminishing natural habitats in the African Savannah and India.  Inspired by the traditions of photographer Peter Beard, Angie set out to create a unique film showcasing the big cats in black and white with commentary from artists and activists who are passionate about wildlife. 


Insatiably curious, Angie has traveled to over 25 countries including India, Israel, Jordan and various parts of Africa.  She lived and volunteered in Tanzania where she and her husband launched a grassroots education based NGO for the Maasai called Kitumusote. Kitumusote has provided over 300 Maasai women an education in basic math, Swahili, healthcare and organic gardening. The Maasai women now own and operate a general store that they built with a micro loan.  Angie travels frequently to Tanzania to assist with Kitumusote’s projects.  She currently advises Kitumusote’s international volunteer program.


Angie has been a guest speaker in Washington D.C. and a participant at the United Nations 51st Session on the Status of Women. She has traveled to remote Koobi Fora in northern Kenya as the guest of paleoanthropologist, Dr. Jack Harris and the National Museums of Kenya as well as Olduvai Gorge and the famed Leakey Camp in Tanzania with Anthropology Professor, Robert Blumenshein. She has spent the last ten years observing and studying wildlife in the Serengeti, Kruger National Park in South Africa and the jungles of India where she observed the last surviving Bengal Tigers in their natural habitats.